PTC acquires Axeda

In the ever evolving world of IoT, the acquisition of Axeda for USD170 million is certainly not a surprise. First PTC acquired ThingWorx in December, 2013, now they’ve snapped up Axeda. Why did PTC do it ? PTC wanted the customers of Axeda — plain and simple. It would appear PTC didn’t value the technology

Automation in the industrial internet: giving up control

CLIENT RESEARCH click here. MachNation recently moderated a panel on the Industrial Internet at an IoT event. One key question we addressed —  are we comfortable excluding all human intervention from an IoT-enhanced business process and allowing machines to control our industrial world?

Bosch Android connected enterprise glasses at SAP Sapphire

CLIENT RESEARCH click here. Bosch glass, Bosch’s enterprise answer to Google Glass, was described by Bosch representatives at SAP SAPPHIRE this year.  See our client research to learn more about this really amazing IoT solution that includes Bosch sensor technology, an Android OS device and various SAP technologies.

MachNation publishes ground-breaking research on Internet of Everything

Connecting the unconnected is more than a conceptual platitude. Connecting people and things in new ways allow us to create new industries and businesses, address issues of global environmental importance, bring economic stability to unstable nations, educate populations in new ways, and fuel myriad other public- and private-sector endeavors. In order to address these types

Analytics in IoT

CLIENT RESEARCH click here. Analytics is a critical enabler of IoT solutions. Being able to aggregate, store, manipulate and analyze data from connected devices yields value to the public and private sector organizations adopting these types of solutions. This research document discusses specialty analytics’ vendors for IoT, ancillary tools and some enterprises using novel IoT analytics

MachNation joins the IoT World Forum Steering Committee

MachNation has joined the Internet of Things World Forum steering committee. MachNation joins some of the world’s top enterprises, governmental agencies and prestigious academic institutions in this exclusive organization to help drive awareness, standards, architectures, security, industry sector thought-leadership and adoption of Internet of Things solutions. All in all, 103 organizations comprise the Internet of Things World Forum

Axeda’s Internet of Things Workshop at General Assembly

This past weekend, MachNation was fortunate to attend Axeda’s The Internet of Things: Hands-on Development Workshop at General Assembly’s Boston campus. In just one afternoon (even pausing for lunch) MachNation had put together an IoT device that reported sensor data to an instance of the Axeda platform. With guidance from Axeda’s Director of Developer Enablement,

Key Criteria for MEAP Adoption: Flexibility and Extensibility

Over the last several years, MachNation has observed a rapidly shifting landscape in the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform / Mobile Application Development Platform space. We expect the evolution of platforms and applications in the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything ecosystem to follow a similar evolution to that followed in the application server space

The Internet of Everything – Cisco video communications

At Cisco Live! Cisco announced new video solutions to further augment its Internet of Everything story. Cisco defines the Internet of Everything (IoE) as “bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before-turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity

Insights from Axeda Connexion 2014

CLIENT RESEARCH click here. At the end of an industry event, we at MachNation like to reflect on some of the insights generated by event participants. In this environment of weekly IoT/M2M events it is not easy finding unique nuggets of wisdom, but occasionally we do. Let’s discuss a few insights from discussions and presentations on