Spotter IoT device delivers a GPS-based tracking solution for the consumer sector

Internet of Things is enabling a set of exciting new products and services that improve safety, security and peace of mind in an otherwise fast-paced world. We recently had a chance to try out one such device from a company Spotter, a Dutch IoT company that makes GPS-based tracking devices for the consumer sector.

MachNation recommends 5 IoT cyber and physical security vendors in new publication

Security concerns — cyber/data and physical — are the top inhibitors of growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Businesses and governments invest tremendous time and money securing their traditional IT assets – PCs, desktops, servers, routers and switches. It is not surprising that these same organizations are reluctant to implement new IoT solutions unless they

MachNation publishes financial comparison of IoT acquisitions

In a recent publication, MachNation presents a high-level financial comparison of 8 IoT acquisitions over the last 18 months. The comparison shows the acquistion targets’: Annual revenue at acquisition (estimated or actual) Revenue multiple (purchase price to annual revenue) Purchase price (estimated or actual) MachNation partners have access to this research in a recent research

Survey Results: Top 5 IoT Security Challenges Enterprises Face Today

Security is one of the hottest topics discussed today among enterprises, vendors, communications carriers and system integrators in the IoT ecosystem – and for good reason. An HP Research report on IoT security revealed “an alarmingly high average number of vulnerabilities per device”. These vulnerabilities include

Pub/sub versus application enablement platform: what’s the difference?

In this short question-and-answer article, we discuss two popular approaches to efficiently, cost effectively and safely get IoT data from endpoint devices to IoT applications. We look at the differences, benefits and drawbacks of publish-subscribe (pub/sub) and application enablement platform (AEP) solutions. We also provide a short of list vendors of pub/sub and AEP solutions.

IBM enhances IoT platform via integration with ARM’s mbed

IBM announced today a key integration to the IoT Foundation platform. IBM’s IoT platform will now provide streamlined connectivity with devices powered by ARM‘s mbed platform. The partnership is significant as it creates closer ties between two leading IoT firms with complementary strengths. IBM brings to the table: enterprise-grade cloud, analytics and big data solutions. ARM is a leading

Autodesk purchases IoT application enablement platform vendor SeeControl

On 27 August 2015, Autodesk (NASDAQ:ADSK) – a provider of computer-aided design (CAD) software – acquired IoT application enablement platform vendor SeeControl. In this analysis available for MachNation partners we discuss what Autodesk might be doing with SeeControl and provide a high-level financial valuation comparison of recent AEP acquisitions including PTC’s acquisition of Axeda, ColdLight and ThingWorx;

Carrier best practices: implementing an IoT application enablement platform

This complimentary research article offers 5 best practices describing how carriers can most effectively leverage their relationships with IoT AEP vendors. Carriers can triple their IoT/M2M revenues with an IoT AEP. The best practices include Identifying the best AEP technology Working with two types of SIs that have domain expertise Building an inter-departmental team to select and

Arab Future Cities Summit will take place Nov. 2-3 2015 in Dubai

MachNation is proud to be a partner of the 2nd Annual Arab Future Cities Summit. The 2nd Annual Arab Future Cities Summit Dubai will take place on 2 & 3 November 2015 at Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa. Held under the patronage of the Government of Dubai, Dubai Municipality, the Middle East region’s

MachNation publishes ScoreCard addendum on Davra Networks’ RuBAN

In late 2014, MachNation published the Application Platform ScoreCard. This highly sought-after document generated a lot of interest from our partners and Application Enablement Platform (AEP) vendors alike. Today, our partners may access an addendum on Davra Networks’ AEP RuBAN. With a pedigree in the network world, Davra Networks provides a unique approach to the space. RuBAN,