Davra Networks’ IoT application, network & device management platform

MachNation has published a new IoT whitepaper about Davra Networks’ RuBAN solution, an integrated application, network and device management platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). The complete IoT whitepaper is currently available to the public. Private and public sector organizations need a rapid and safe way to prototype, design, test, implement and manage their Internet of Things (IoT)

Cumulocity wins tier-one carrier customer

Cumulocity, one of MachNation’s recommended IoT application enablement platform (AEP) vendors, has announced another customer win with Deutsche Telekom (DT). The Cumulocity IoT platform will power DT’s Cloud of Things solution, a platform to help businesses connect devices to applications. Why is this win important? 1. DT choosing Cumulocity is further validation of the quality solution available

Unpacking the Amazon acquisition of 2lemetry

On 12 March 2015, IoT application enablement platform (AEP) vendor 2lemetry quietly announced it was acquired by Amazon. MachNation estimates Amazon bought 2lemetry for USD90 million to USD110 million. This very discreet acquisition could be one of the biggest deals for IoT enablement in 2015. MachNation has created a short research document for our Partners on this acquisition.

MachNation speaks to 520 enterprise asset managers and chemicals industry specialists

MachNation continues its focus on providing IoT insights to enterprise partners at two industry-leading events. On March 25, 2015, MachNation will present to a group of production specialists for the chemicals industry at the SAP for Chemicals conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Participants will include BASF, Benjamin Moore & Company, Dow Chemical, Eastman Chemical, NOVA Chemicals, Sun

IoT Standards: Three Approaches for Application Enablement Platforms

According to MachNation, the role of an IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) is to enable and empower private and public sector organizations to build award-winning IoT solutions. IoT platforms seek to achieve this by providing a secure, flexible and manageable software stack that serves as the foundational framework for data, device and application management

Cumulocity and PayPal Bring Vending Machines into the 21st Century

VendMe brings vending machines into the 21st century. VendMe — an application from Cumulocity and PayPal — is a complete end-to-end telemetry and cashless payment solution that makes vending machines smarter. It is built on top of Cumulocity’s market leading Internet of Things (IoT) application enablement platform and features a unique partnership with PayPal.

Webinar: Picking the Best IoT Application Platform – Feb 25, 2015 at 11AM EST (GMT -5)

The IoT Application Enablement Platform space is one of the most exciting and rapidly developing pieces of the IoT technology stack. Buyers of IoT solutions and technology companies seeking IoT partners must understand this critical element of the technology stack and the best vendors in the ecosystem. MachNation recently published the 2014 IoT Application Platform

Xively webinar talks IoT application platforms and IoT security

Xively’s live webinar titled, Guide to Designing Products for the Internet of Things, focused on an increasingly important area of focus in IoT: security. According to the webinar, 95% of executives surveyed see their business implementing at least one IoT solution within the next three years.

CES: Audi debuts ‘piloted drive’ from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas

To kick-off the exciting developments in the field of in-the-car technologies, Audi announced a ‘piloted drive’ in an A7 trip from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas. The showcase journey demonstrates innovation in various types of sensors that are nearing production-readiness. Among the sensor technologies are long and medium-range sensors used in adaptive cruise control (ACC) and Audi side assist (ASA).

The best of Apple and Google meet in IoT plug-and-play solution: Proteus case study

In 2015 MachNation expects to see a new deployment model for IoT solutions – a model where plug-and-play functionality is built into the solutions. A plug-and-play experience for IoT brings together the Google Android-type benefits of having many device types available and allowing open integrations with the Apple iOS-type benefits of solution reliability and ease-of-use. In