The Industrial Internet: Hitachi and Axeda partnership

Key take away: The Industrial Internet of things (IoT) is a huge area of growth worldwide, but especially in Asia, Germany, the Nordic countries and North America. There are a lot of electro-mechanical components that are waiting to speak and they have volumes of information to provide that can make manufacturing processes and products much more efficient.

Proof points: There have been three recent announcements that suggest the Industrial IoT is blooming. First, AT&T announced a partnership with GE to connect GE products. Second, at the IoT World Forum in Barcelona, Cisco demonstrated with several of its industrial-sector partners the power of adding connectivity into products. And third, the newly announced relationship between Axeda  and Hitachi High Technologies allows Hitachi to bring IoT applications to a broad array of industrial and high-tech manufacturing companies in Japan.

Now a little detail about the Axeda and Hitachi announcement. Axeda  – an IoT applications platform — and Hitachi High Technologies – an IT services company — have formed a partnership whereby Hitachi will host a private cloud version of the Axeda Platform in Japan for in-country usage. Hitachi High Technologies can resell the platform to customers in Japan across a number of industry sectors likely to include high-tech manufacturing, industrial, electronics and healthcare/science.

Hitachi High Technologies serves 5 sectors as shown below. Hitachi supplies each sector – whether manufacturers of flat screen TVs or designers of biotechnology – with applications, hardware and services. These sectors will benefit from IoT and the prolific increase in communications technology across manufacturing processes.

Hitachi High Technologies business units
Hitachi High Technologies business units

We believe there is tremendous potential in the Industrial IoT, especially for IT services firms and systems integrators that already have deep relationships in these sectors.

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