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AT&T, one of my North American favorites for providing top-notch IoT solutions, has launched a set of tools to help developers and businesses more quickly and easily launch IoT and M2M solutions. Dubbed M2X, the program takes away the pain away from one of the top IoT headaches – the difficulty of connecting various pieces of an IoT solution. M2X is a cool idea.

What does M2X do? Let’s go back to our IoT value chain diagram below. M2X provides an easy way to make sure hardware and applications can speak coherently, securely and efficiently via APIs to a platform. This platform provides integration to connectivity, connectivity management and other services like data analytics or back-office enterprise applications, if required.

AT&T M2X value chain graphic
Value chain for IoT industry







M2X offers developers and businesses 5 things.

Developer portal – The portal allows users to manage devices and data during all phases of testing and management — alpha, beta and general availability.

API toolkit – These allow data to transfer from devices into the M2X platform.

Storage – M2X provides cloud-based storage for device data and can categorize it by data type.

Event management and notification – This tool allows developers to define rules and triggers for automated data monitoring.

Data analytics – M2X provides an analytics tool so developers and business decision-makers can make decisions based on device data.

Developers can use this M2X solution in conjunction with APIs and other tools provided through the AT&T Developer program. Security, as expected, is built into all aspects of the M2X solution.

We were excited to hear about M2X and believe it is a nice tool upon which AT&T can build its end-to-end IoT solution environment.

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