Google and NEST validate the power of the Industrial Internet

Google and NEST. Yesterday we learned 3.2 billion reasons why the Industrial Internet is a topic we must follow. As I wrote at the beginning of 2014, the Industrial Internet is one of my three IoT hot topics for the year.

Why is the Industrial Internet a critically important issue:

1. The Industrial Internet may not be as sexy as the latest smart watch, but there’s huge amount of money to make from devices, applications, connectivity and services. These solutions can bring communications to billions of electromechanical devices in our world.

2. Businesses in the industrial sector need to become more operationally efficient to compete globally. In the USA, industrial-sector businesses spent $724 billion on capital expenditures in 2011 (according to the US Census Bureau). And this percentage is growing relative to the non-industrial sector. Finding ways to implement more operational efficiencies from these capital deployments is absolutely critical.

3. Connectivity is pervasive in our world and easier to incorporate into devices than 5 years ago. 2G, 3G, 4G, non-licensed spectrum, satellite, WiFi, Zigbee, fixed-line services and other solutions give developers lots of options.

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