Key Criteria for MEAP Adoption: Manageability of the Platform

Over the last several years, MachNation has observed a rapidly shifting landscape in the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform / Mobile Application Development Platform space. We expect the evolution of platforms and applications in the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything ecosystem to follow a similar evolution to that followed in the application server space and the MEAP/MADP space. This blog series addresses some of the changes in the MEAP/MADP space to show some of the similarities.

Mobile application development continues remain a high priority for businesses. Mobilizing enterprise processes no longer is a competitive differentiator for enterprises: it is required by enterprises to maintain their market positions by allowing them to create a set of necessary process improvements and facilitate new process development. Enterprises are also becoming a lot more savvy when it comes to shopping for a platform to adopt for ongoing and future mobile initiatives. In a not too distant past, mobile app development in the enterprise was in its infancy, and getting an app out was a big feat. In this series of blogs, MachNation elaborates on the key criteria for selecting a mobile development platform and why these criteria are important. The top three criteria are: flexibility/extensibility, security and manageability. In this research piece, we cover the importance of manageability in a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform / Mobile Application Development Platform.

Key Criteria for Mobile App Development: Manageability of the Platform
Key Criteria for Mobile App Development: Manageability of the Platform

Platform Manageability

At MachNation, when we talk about manageability of an enterprise platform, we mean the ability to administer, monitor and maintain the platform during development, testing and production phases of the product development lifecycle. A platform that’s manageable, arms IT with tools to quickly and easily ensure high SLAs, resolve problems quickly, maintain a level of ownership and security and deliver a positive user experience.

Enterprises must place a heavy emphasis on the ease and the cost of maintaining the new mobile solution. A platform that meets these criteria allows IT to deliver a high-quality solution and focus most of its efforts on improvements and new deployments rather than maintaining legacy systems.

The best MEAP/MADP solutions allow enterprises to maintain control and secure mobile applications, monitor the solutions in real-time and conduct analytics to yield strong ROIs for mobile projects.

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