Addressing the top challenges of businesses – what a difference a few years make

Four years ago, businesses found themselves in a global recession. Revenues were flat or decreasing; credit was very tight; and layoffs were commonplace. Investment in technology and communication services slowed and in many cases halted as businesses held steady and planned carefully for the future.

Seeking an update on the business climate, CSG International joined MachNation to conduct the Business Services Global Survey 2014.  This online survey of over 800 businesses worldwide measured attitudes and experiences about business services acquired from CSPs—and found a much more rosy and dynamic business environment in place today.

Read about the top business challenges here and here on CSG’s blogsite.

MachNation presenting at CSG EMEA Customer Event 2014
MachNation presenting at CSG EMEA Customer Event 2014

We’ll have 5 more pieces of global enterprise and SME survey research over the coming weeks. Keep checking back!

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