ARM Pushes the Envelope of MCU space with Cortex-M7

ARM, an industry leader in the microcontroller CPU space with 3 billion units shipped in 2013, announced today, a new addition to their Cortex-M Series product line. ARM’s new Cortex-M7 CPU delivers impressive performance gains over its predecessor, the M4. The performance gains enable the new processor to deliver a 2x improvement in DSP performance over the M4, providing native support for 7.1 channel audio and further on-device signal processing.

For IoT devices, the processor enables more advanced audio/visual sensors, applications in advanced industrial and motor control scenarios, as well as satisfying other needs for power-hungry devices. We expect the performance gains will facilitate the implementation of much-sought after at-device security, by supplying the horsepower to fuel advanced touch sensors and other biometrics such as voice recognition.

MachNation expects the Cortex-M7 to further advancement in the IoT device space by making it possible for the devices to do more data processing thereby decreasing the need to offload work to the backend.

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