Cumulocity wins tier-one carrier customer

Cumulocity, one of MachNation’s recommended IoT application enablement platform (AEP) vendors, has announced another customer win with Deutsche Telekom (DT). The Cumulocity IoT platform will power DT’s Cloud of Things solution, a platform to help businesses connect devices to applications. Why is this win important?

1. DT choosing Cumulocity is further validation of the quality solution available from Cumulocity. MachNation cited Cumulocity as a top recommendation in its recently published IoT Application Platform Scorecard. DT, a tier-one carrier, has demanding technical, security and business requirements. DT would not choose an IoT AEP partner without carefully evaluating the various solutions on the market. Cumulocity’s carrier-grade solution was able to provide DT with the technology, business flexibility, integration flexibility and go-to-market support it required.

2. DT wants to use its Cloud of Things solution to provide IoT solutions for small and medium enterprise (SME) customers. DT believes that the Cumulocity platform is flexible, economical, intuitive-to-use and simple enough for building SME IoT solutions. Selling to SMEs requires a careful focus on productization and go-to-market strategy. Unlike large enterprise customers, SMEs need ready-made solutions, simple support services and a dedicated channel to help in the evaluation, selection, implementation and management of IoT solutions. MachNation estimates 30-40% of all IoT connected devices in 2025 will be sold to SMEs. While Cumulocity provides its platform to very large enterprises, the platform is also technologically and financially scalable to use for SME-centric solutions.

3. Continued consolidation in the IoT AEP ecosystem is leaving fewer platform choices for carrier customers. The acquisition of 2lemetry by Amazon and last year’s acquisitions of Axeda and ThingWorx by PTC have arguably removed or cast concerns over the use of those platforms by carrier customers, respectively. Some of the remaining IoT AEPs are not the best choices for carriers wanting horizontal, scalable, extensible solutions. For example, some IoT AEPs like Aeris and Arrayent provide solutions that are best used for specific vertical. Whereas IoT AEPs like HP and Intel have products that are extremely new and untested. In fact, MachNation after repeated attempts has not even been able to test and evaluate the strengths of these HP and Intel products — a concern for any enterprise or carrier wanting to engage these vendors.

MachNation continues to provide authoritative advice and insight into the IoT AEP vendor landscape. For more information, MachNation partners should contact us or see the following research documents in our Partner Area:

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