Whitepaper: Davra Networks’ IoT application, network & device management platform

MachNation has published a new IoT whitepaper about Davra Networks’ RuBAN solution, an integrated application, network and device management platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). The complete IoT whitepaper is currently available to the public.

Whitepaper (Publicly available):

Private and public sector organizations need a rapid and safe way to prototype, design, test, implement and manage their Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. As the IoT market grows to USD4 trillion with over 24 billion devices by the year 2025, a well-prepared organization will carefully review opportunities to use IoT to improve its operational processes and spur innovation.

One of the most important technologies to enable a successful IoT deployment is the IoT application enablement platform (AEP). MachNation, the only dedicated insight services and application development firm focused on the IoT and IoE ecosystems, has completed extensive research in the AEP ecosystem and found that the best AEP vendors incorporate a series of application and device management capabilities into a scalable, multi-tenant, fault-tolerant, unified platform. This platform empowers partners to develop and manage an IoT solution. And the AEP allows operational technology (OT) organizations and operationally-focused users to easily analyze and graphically depict IoT data.

Private and public sector organizations are best prepared to capture the value of IoT solutions if they implement a horizontal AEP with integrated IoT application enablement, fog-based device management, network management, data visualization and analytics capabilities. A vendor such as Davra Networks (www.davranetworks.com) with its RuBAN solution provides organizations with a flexible, secure and integrated AEP to fully leverage current and future IoT deployments. Plus Davra Networks’ RuBAN solution is available to Cisco sales teams and Cisco partners through Cisco’s Global Price List (GPL) – a strong endorsement of the AEP solution.

The complete IoT whitepaper is currently available to the public at no charge.

MachNation AEP Value Chain from April 2015 whitepaper

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