PTC makes a big splash at LiveWorx 2015 with new partnerships, product announcements and acquisitions

This week in Boston, PTC hosted the annual LiveWorx 2015 IoT conference. Thanks in part to the Axeda acquisition as well as burgeoning interest in IoT, the event has grown tremendously: from 250 attendees last year, to over 2000 this year.

This years event was  was jam-packed with visionary talks, exciting announcements and hands-on product demos from PTC and its partners. Among the big announcements were PTCs partnership with ServiceMax, ThingWorx 6.0 release, ThingWorx Converge and the acquisition of a predictive analytics vendor ColdLight.

PTC announced a partnership with ServiceMax, a provider of field service management solutions, to provide ServiceMax customers with access to ThingWorx. Through the partnership, PTC will be able to provide field service management capabilities to its customers. ServiceMax will be able to provide additional functionality such as remote and proactive servicing empowered by ThingWorx IoT application enablement platform (AEP). For more information about ThingWorx and other leading IoT AEPs, check out MachNation’s IoT Application Enablement ScoreCard 2014.

ThingWorx Converge will provide a hub for product data and facilitate integration with existing systems and services used by an enterprise. Converge will also provide best practices for manufacturing connected devices and will help companies provide valuable services to customers post-sale.

PTC also announced another acquisition to help bolster its IoT product portfolio by purchasing predictive analytics vendor ColdLight for USD105 million. The acquisition will provide additional machine learning and predictive analytics functionality to the IoT platform offering. ColdLight’s Neuron product, once integrated with the ThingWorx solution, will strengthen the analytics capabilities of the platform. Neuron will help PTC’s customers to improve performance of existing products and decrease downtime and failure rates. MachNation anticipates that Neuron will be of significant interest to PTC’s customers looking to start or build upon their IoT journey.

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