IoT Evolution Expo to take stage on Aug 17-20 at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

Originally launched as M2M Evolution over 5 years ago, IoT Evolution Expo has evolved into an event focused on showing where M2M and the IoT have enabled life and business changing applications. Attendees get practical “take back to the office” knowledge on how the IoT will impact their business by participating in sessions covering case studies and real life IoT applications. The IoT Evolution conference program will feature topics that inform and educate the audience of the latest technologies, current and future regulatory policies, new verticals, network and platform solutions, new applications and all of the hottest topics in the IoT industry.

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IoT Evolution features over 100 speakers from the entire M2M and IoT Ecosystem

The M2M track covers M2M technologies, solutions and more. The Connected Home and Building and Transportation conferences provide insight on the unique applications, challenges and opportunities in these specific verticals. The more technical attendee will learn how to design and implement IoT solutions in the IoT Evolution Developers Conference and the FOG, Analytics and Data Conference provides attendees with an understanding of how FOG computing, a new cloud based architecture that extends computing closer to the edge, will drive business intelligence and enable IoT applications.

IoT Evolution is comprised of:

  • M2M Evolution – Hear from the Machine-to-Machine and IoT ecosystems to help you sort through the myriad of M2M solutions, platforms and applications.
  • The Connected Home and Building Conference – Hear how controlling nearly all aspects of buildings and homes will provide meaningful functionality for consumers while also providing businesses with remote diagnostics, maintenance and analytics capabilities that will save money and drive new products.
  • The Connected Transportation Conference – The IoT Evolution Connected Transportation event focuses on the improvements in today’s vehicle and fleet management services and provides perspective on market forces, revenue opportunities and technical issues. A significant portion of the content in this event will cover drones and applications in film making, agriculture, construction, oil and gas and more.
  • FOG, Analytics and Data Conference– Explore how to drive business intelligence to the edge of the network and use it to develop real time business analytics to create new business opportunities while improving business processes.
  • IoT Evolution Developers Conference – Get hands-on practical training on the various aspects of implementing the IoT, from concept though deployments. Get design and development training on the entire M2M and IoT spectrum, from wearables and home devices to industrial applications. Classes cover cloud computing, automotive technologies, and security, while looking at ways to enhance customer engagement, and elevate end user experience.
  • PLUS – an IOT Certification Program, Security Summit, Battle of the IoT Platforms, Networking events and more.
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