Cumulocity — global IoT AEP — scores two more customer wins

Cumulocity, a leading IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP), has scored two more customer wins with top-tier service providers.

Etisalat РOn 22 July 2015 Etisalat, a tier-1 global communications carrier headquartered in Dubai, awarded Oberthur Technologies a contract to provide it an IoT AEP powered by the Cumulocity platform. Oberthur will leverage its existing relationship with Etisalat in providing deep telecoms integration and development services to offer new IoT solutions to a variety of new customer segments. MachNation rated Cumulocity as a top-tier IoT AEP in its IoT Application Platform ScoreCard 2014.

Micro Technology Corp – On 28 July 2015 Cumulocity and Micro Technology, a solution provider of¬†embedded systems development, partnered to offer a new IoT cloud platform called CUMoNoSU to enterprises in Japan. This platform, powered by Cumulocity, will include device management, applications enablement, visualization and a set of APIs. Cumulocity continues its “open and fair” strategy by providing a rich set of fully documented APIs associated with the solution. In addition, Cumulocity ensures transparency by fully disclosing pricing for this solution. MachNation is not aware of any other IoT AEP vendor willing to provide this level of transparency — another testament to Cumulocity’s “open and fair” approach to business. MachNation has written about the characteristics of Cumulocity’s business in, “Making the correct Application Enablement Platform Decision,” July, 2014.

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