MachNation publishes ScoreCard addendum on Davra Networks’ RuBAN

In late 2014, MachNation published the Application Platform ScoreCard. This highly sought-after document generated a lot of interest from our partners and Application Enablement Platform (AEP) vendors alike.

Today, our partners may access an addendum on Davra Networks’ AEP RuBAN. With a pedigree in the network world, Davra Networks provides a unique approach to the space. RuBAN, Davra Networks’ AEP, is a network and gateway-focused solution. RuBAN’s core competencies are IoT gateway management and IoT business intelligence. RuBAN also has an added benefit of availability to Cisco sales teams and partners via Cisco’s Global Price List (GPL).

In our research, we evaluate both strengths of the platform as well as considerations that savvy enterprises building IoT solutions or seeking partnerships ought to consider. The publication is available in our MachNation partner area.


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