MachNation recommends 5 IoT cyber and physical security vendors in new publication

Security concerns — cyber/data and physical — are the top inhibitors of growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Businesses and governments invest tremendous time and money securing their traditional IT assets – PCs, desktops, servers, routers and switches. It is not surprising that these same organizations are reluctant to implement new IoT solutions unless they are comfortable with the high levels of security they can provide.

Today MachNation published IoT Security Landscape and Vendor Recommendations 2015. In this first-of-its kind report from an IoT analyst firm, MachNation  presents:

  • our top 5 recommended IoT security vendors
  • 10 recommendations to help public and private sector organizations craft a holistically secure IoT solution
  • the ways that IoT solutions are likely to get compromised
  • the unique security challenges of IoT

Executive summary (Publicly available):

MachNation clients have access to this report and all MachNation research from our partner portal.

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