Spotter IoT device delivers a GPS-based tracking solution for the consumer sector

Internet of Things is enabling a set of exciting new products and services that improve safety, security and peace of mind in an otherwise fast-paced world. We recently had a chance to try out one such device from a company Spotter, a Dutch IoT company that makes GPS-based tracking devices for the consumer sector.

Spotter is a product and services company providing a miniature tracker for tracking things like your child, your car or your boat. Spotter allows the user to track the location, but also to set up zones and alarms that generate alerts when the device is outside of the expected area. And in emergencies, it is possible to establish a voice connection to the Spotter device.

There are two components to the solution. One is a tracking portal available as an app for iOS and Android or using any browser. The other is the device itself – a compact piece of hardware small enough to connect to a keychain or to comfortably fit in a pocket. The device has a nice rubberized plastic feel yet is durable without feeling bulky or heavy (just 35g). It is charged via a standard microUSB. Inside, the Spotter device contains a GPS receiver and a SIM-based GSM radio. The connectivity is powered by Tele2 M2M Global Solutions allowing Spotter to operate across many carriers using a pre-paid model relying on a global SIM provisioned to support desired regions.

Spotter diagram

Getting Spotter up and running was really easy. We signed up for a free new account in the tracking portal, entered a 12 character code to activate our device, and were up and running. Spotter indicated that it acquired a GPS signal and a cell signal using built-in LEDs. Using the portal, we were able to track the location of the device, view location history, and setup push notifications on a smartphone to instantly know when the Spotter device left a designated area.

We thought Spotter was a great IoT product aimed at the consumer market. It’s easy to setup and easy to use, and is a useful device for keeping tabs on children, the elderly or valuable assets. Spotter is currently only available in the Benelux via Kruidvat, part of A. S. Watson. Spotter is available in all Kruidvat stores (1,000+) as well as online via Additionally Spotter is looking for possibilities for distribution in other countries. More information about Spotter can be found on their website at

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