MachNation rates 15 IoT Platform-Enabled Solutions (PESs) in new ScoreCard

Today, MachNation published its 2016 IoT Platform-Enabled Solutions (PES) ScoreCard – a rating of 15 Internet of Things (IoT) platform companies. (Executive summary)

MachNation’s 2016 IoT Platform-Enabled Solution ScoreCard rates IoT PES vendors’ on four metrics

  • Time-to-market
  • Domain expertise and insight
  • Sophistication of platform and device management
  • Comprehensiveness of overall solution

MachNation’s 2015 IoT Platform-Enabled Solution ScoreCard includes the following vendors (listed alphabetically): Arrayent, Autodesk, Bosch Software Innovations, Davra Networks, DGLogik, Ericsson, Exosite, Helium, IQP, Philips, Plat.ONE, Samsara, Sensera Systems, Solair Corporate and Xively. See Figure 1 below.

2016 Platform-Enabled Solutions ScoreCard Plot


MachNation’s 2016 IoT Platform-Enabled Solution (PES) ScoreCard is the industry’s first and only detailed analysis of this pivotal IoT technology sector. This ScoreCard looks at the characteristics that define an exceptional IoT PES solution while helping public and private sector organizations understand the IoT PES vendor space.

The IoT application enablement space has continued to grow into the hottest technology sector of the Internet of Things (IoT). According to MachNation forecasts, worldwide IoT application enablement and device management revenue was USD600 million in 2015 growing to USD83.4 billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 65% over the period. IoT application enablement and device management revenue was approximately 1% of total worldwide IoT revenue in 2015, but that will increase to 8% of worldwide IoT revenue by 2025. The tremendous growth expectations for applications enablement and device management are further reflected in the financial trading multiples of IoT application enablement companies.

The ScoreCard’s executive summary is publicly available.

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