Microsoft acquires IoT PES Solair Corporate

Solair was acquired by Microsoft’s Azure division today for USD20 million to USD30 million, according to estimates based on MachNation IoT M&A research. MachNation’s recently published IoT Platform-Enabled Solutions (PESs) ScoreCard includes a rating and analysis of Solair.

In summary:

Solair’s strengths – a solution that speeds-up time-to-market for its customers and an open-source hardware approach that lowers costs of deployment.

Solair’s weaknesses – a lack of industry-sector expertise and a solution that is fairly primitive.

For more information on Solair, please refer to MachNation’s IoT PES ScoreCard.

For more information on the differences between an IoT PES and IoT application enablement platform (AEP), please refer to MachNation’s report on AEPs and PESs.

MachNation partners should contact us to learn more about this acquisition.

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