Sonera selects Cumulocity IoT platform in Finland

MachNation partner Cumulocity, a Düsseldorf-based IoT application enablement platform (AEP) provider, continues to win carrier customers — this time with Finnish carrier Sonera. Cumulocity’s open, secure and flexible architecture has earned it the right to provide services to these high-quality and demanding carrier customers. It has also earned Cumulocity the right to call itself a leading IoT AEP in MachNation’s 2015 IoT Application Enablement ScoreCard. MachNation believes that Cumulocity is a high quality IoT AEP solution for carriers.

Cumulocity is a true multi-tenant cloud solution

Cumulocity announced the platform win with Sonera, an incumbent operator in Finland. Cumulocity will deploy its platform behind the Sonera firewall, affording Sonera customers a carrier-grade, secure IoT platform alternative. The Cumulocity platform is a true multi-tenant solution meaning that Sonera will be able to easily spin-up a virtualized instance of Cumulocity for each Sonera customer. Each of these virtualized instances will be future-proof, since updates to the Cumulocity platform product will seamlessly roll-out to all customer instances. This trait helps make the Cumulocity platform a leader in the ecosystem. IoT AEPs without a true multi-tenant cloud solution can not offer this simple upgradeability path which greatly decreases the value of the solution to carriers and enterprise customers.

Sonera offers an end-to-end solution with Cumulocity

Sonera will use the Cumulocity platform to decrease the time-to-market for its customers’ end-to-end IoT deployments. Many enterprises are trialing IoT solutions with proof-of-concepts and pilots. Sonera wants the ability to offer connectivity, connectivity management and a host of application enablement services including device management, device visualization, analytics and integrations. Having a high-quality IoT AEP allows Sonera’s customers to bring its IoT solution live in days or weeks instead of months.

Additional Cumulocity features propel more value for Sonera customersCumulocity blog #3 figure v1.1

In the future Sonera can also benefit from several other value-adds of the Cumulocity solution including (See Figure 1):

Cumulocity Cloud Fieldbus – This solution allows enterprise to connect their brownfield, Modbus-based industrial equipment instantly to the Cumulocity platform. This saves industrial sector enterprises time and money in the deployment of IoT

Cumulocity MQTT support – The Cumulocity platform provides native support for MQTT, allowing customers to take advantage of the ability to communicate seamlessly and consistently out-of-the-box.

Cumulocity SaaS integration builder – The Cumulocity platform provides an integration to Zapier, enabling enterprises to easily connect hundreds of IT applications to Cumulocity.

MachNation research forecast for IoT AEPs

According to MachNation forecasts, the worldwide IoT application enablement market will be USD1.1 billion in 2016 growing to USD83.2 billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate of 62%. The application enablement market is comprised of two types of vendors — AEPs and platform-enabled solutions (PES) vendors. Both vendors are showing tremendous revenue growth. For more information on the growth of IoT application enablement, MachNation partners can access our complete IoT Application Enablement Worldwide Forecast: 2016-2025.

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