2017 Platform-Enabled Solution ScoreCard rates 11 vendors

MachNation announces availability of its second annual Platform-Enabled Solution (PES) ScoreCard, an in-depth review and rating of 11 Internet of Things platform-enabled solutions.

Executive summary (Publicly available): contact us

Full report (Client-only access): 2017 IoT Platform-Enabled Solution ScoreCard

A Platform-Enabled Solution (PES) is a solution-centric offering optimized to reduce the time to deliver a fully-enabled, end-to-end, vertical IoT solution to customers. MachNation makes a clear distinction between an IoT PES and an IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP). Buyers of these two types of technologies have different requirements, so MachNation is very careful in identifying the criteria that underpin best-in-class AEP and PES vendors.

MachNation’s 2017 IoT Platform-Enabled Solution ScoreCard rates IoT PES vendors across a set of requirements spanning four distinct categories. The four categories of requirements consist of 12 sub-requirements which are the underlying basis of MachNation’s evaluation. The four categories are:

  • Time-to-market
  • Domain expertise and insight
  • Sophistication of solution management
  • Comprehensiveness of overall solution

Leading IoT PES vendors have shown themselves strongest in these four rating categories. These strengths are indicators for long-term success in the IoT market.

MachNation began research on this critically important ecosystem two years ago. The publication of this second annual IoT Platform-Enabled Solution ScoreCard allows MachNation to continue to provide more ground-breaking research on IoT PESs to partners.

The ScoreCard rates the following vendors (listed alphabetically): Arrayent, Bosch Software Innovations, Bright Wolf, Davra Networks, DeviceLynk, Essence Group, Microsoft, Philips Lighting, Samsara, vyzVoice and Xively.

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