State of the IoT device management market: 2016-2017

MachNation has published the industry’s first “State of the IoT Device Management Platform (DMP) Market Report: 2016-2017.” MachNation collected, aggregated and analyzed quantitative data from the 18 vendors that participated in MachNation’s 2017 IoT Device Management ScoreCard. Using these data, MachNation has published the industry’s only source of IoT device management (DM) survey data and quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs).

In this report are the following survey data tables and KPIs:

  • Device management platform (DMP) top business challenges
  • DMP top technology challenges
  • 2016-2017 anticipated DMP vendor revenue growth
  • DMP revenues 2016: percentage by geographic region
  • DMP revenues 2016: percentage by product category
  • DMP revenues 2016: percentage by deployment model
  • DMP pricing models offered to customers
  • DMP target markets of greatest importance
  • DMP sales channels of importance
  • Top enterprise IoT security challenges
  • DMP employees 2016: percentage by functional area
  • DMP SLAs of greatest interest to enterprise customers

According to MachNation’s definition, an IoT device management platform is an offering that provides device lifecycle management functionality associated with the deployment and management of IoT assets . Typical IoT assets include IoT gateways, retrofitted and new industrial equipment and Linux-based Arduino-like devices. Typical DMP functionality includes asset provisioning, firmware upgrades, security patching, alerting and reporting on specific metrics associated with IoT assets.

MachNation believes that with careful understanding of IoT device management, enterprises will be prepared to trial and launch high quality IoT solutions at scale and manage the lifecycle of IoT devices. The IoT DMP space is not well understood. While much emphasis is placed on IoT analytics and IoT data management, little research deeply explores the enterprise technology and business requirements for IoT device management. Without quality DMP solutions, there will be no way to cost effectively manage the tremendous heterogeneity of IoT devices in the market.

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