Digitization, ADAMOS and Cumulocity

ADAMOS puts Cumulocity at the heart of its industrial manufacturing IoT platform. ADAMOS, which describes itself as “the strategic alliance for machine and plant engineering,” has picked Cumulocity’s IoT platform to power its digitization business.

The Cumulocity Application Enablement Platform (AEP) will act as the middleware allowing ADAMOS to share apps and technology tools as it aims to improve digitization in engineering. MachNation has written about the Cumulocity platform in its 2016 IoT Application Enablement Platform ScoreCard. Cumulocity’s integration into the ADAMOS platform could be very significant if the industry partnership achieves its aim of becoming a de facto standard for industrial IoT.

The Cumulocity platform enables two main purposes for ADAMOS. The first purpose will be an off-the-shelf industrial IoT (IIoT) platform that collaborating manufacturers can use to develop digital marketplaces and improve production. The joint use of a platform will speed time-to-market for each manufacturer while allowing application-level customizations of solutions. The second purpose will be to support an industry-specific app factory where innovations and technology standards can be implemented and distributed by ADAMOS partners. This will provide a set of tools for use in the IIoT that can be customized or standard across manufacturers.

ADAMOS (the name stands for ADAptive Manufacturing Open Solutions) is a joint venture backed by DMG MORI, Dürr, Zeiss, ASM PT, and Cumulocity’s parent, Software AG.

“Germany’s first alliance of well-known industrial and software companies wants to establish ADAMOS as global standard for the industry and attract other machine builders to become partners,” said the organization in a press release.

“ADAMOS is customized to meet the specific needs of machine and plant builders and their customers. The open IIoT platform ADAMOS is non-proprietary and brings together the most up-to-date IT technology and industry knowledge.”

The launch of the ADAMOS platform comes alongside an extended Cumulocity technology portfolio for cloud-based IoT platform services enablement. This month, Cumulocity and Software AG announced a fully cloud-enabled and scalable portfolio, with pre-configured solutions to enable enterprises to fast track IoT services. The portfolio includes tools for device management, hybrid integration, streaming and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and improved strategic IoT scenario planning. MachNation has written about Software AG’s possible uses for Cumulocity following its acquisition.

Speaking in a Cumulocity press release, Software AG Chief Technology Officer Wolfram Jost said: “Cumulocity is unique in that it provides enterprises with the ability to very quickly start limited scale, cloud-based IoT projects.” Enterprises can develop and implement IoT services with the optimal balance between risk and ambition, “at their pace, at their choice,” he said.

Already, the Cumulocity IoT AEP is being used by technology companies including Deutsche Telekom, Gardner Denver, Octo Telematics, NTT Communication, and Reliance Group.

Having it embedded in ADAMOS could mean it becomes a key element in the development of new IoT tools and applications by industrial players worldwide.

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