Litmus Automation steps up smart factory game with ROHM partnership

Litmus Automation, named in MachNation’s 2018 IoT Edge ScoreCard, has boosted its smart factory capabilities through a relationship with ROHM Semiconductor. The partnership will see ROHM’s sensor nodes and sub-gigahertz wireless communication integrated circuits working alongside Litmus Automation’s LoopEdge gateways and LoopCloud cloud-based industrial IoT platform.

The ROHM technologies, attached to machinery and other factory equipment, will essentially act as the nerve endings for Litmus Automation’s systems. More technically, ROHM sensors will process key monitoring data using 32-bit RISC ARM Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 microcontroller units. The data will then be relayed to Litmus Automation LoopEdge units over a Wi-SUN Alliance-standard connection.

Once on the Litmus Automation platform, the data can be acted upon immediately using network edge applications, and passed on to LoopCloud for real-time monitoring and machine learning.

In a press release, Litmus Automation CEO and co-founder Vatsal Shah said the partnership with ROHM “will be able to bring the full value of LoopEdge and LoopCloud for industrial applications” and “deliver immediate value to this key sector.”

Satya Dixit, senior director of solutions marketing at ROHM, confirmed the alliance would help industrial IoT customers create digital twins in the cloud, and replicate physical systems while reducing energy consumption and downtime due to unexpected failures.

The partnership would allow both companies to “provide an optimized end-to-end IoT solution for the industrial space,” he said.

The partnership certainly looks good on paper, giving customers an out-of-the-box package that helps Litmus Automation offer its customers an easy-to-deploy and use solution. This solution is likely to appeal to the wide range of customers that do not have the resources or technical expertise to assemble an industrial IoT platform from scratch.

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