Access Control: IoT Platform Comparison from MachNation MIT-E

MachNation IoT Test Environment (MIT-E) is an IoT platform test and comparison lab run by MachNation. In MIT-E, MachNation tests, scores and summarizes the quality of platform features and usability characteristics. MachNation conducts 71 tests (referred to as tasks in MachNation nomenclature) across 9 evaluation categories.

Currently tested evaluation categories include access control, analytics, comprehensive evaluation, data management, device management, event processing, external integration, monitoring and usability.

This document focuses on access control.

MachNation ran 7 tests associated with IoT platform access control. The 7 tests covered aspects of user authorization, device authorization and multi-tenant capabilities.

MachNation defines access control as a system of identity verification and permission management for all platform-connected elements including APIs, administrator or operator interfaces, devices, stored or in-transit data, or any other platform service.

This report contains hands-on access control test results from 11 IoT platform vendors: Altizon, Amazon, Bosch, GE, Google, IBM, Litmus Automation, Microsoft, Sierra Wireless, Software AG and Thingsboard.

Full report (Client-only access): Access Control: IoT Platform Comparison from MachNation MIT-E

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