Monitoring: IoT Platform Comparison from MachNation MIT-E

MachNation IoT Test Environment (MIT-E) is an IoT platform test and comparison lab run by MachNation. In MIT-E, MachNation tests, scores and summarizes the quality of platform features and usability characteristics. MachNation conducts 71 tests (referred to as tasks in MachNation nomenclature) across 9 evaluation categories.

Currently tested evaluation categories include access control, analytics, comprehensive evaluation, data management, device management, event processing, external integration, monitoring and usability.

This document focuses on monitoring.

MachNation ran 9 tests associated with IoT platform monitoring. The 9 tests covered aspects of alerting, dashboards, edge dashboards, single views and bulk views.

MachNation defines monitoring as the ability of a platform to trigger events, evaluate device status and follow ingested data streams. Platform capabilities for monitoring should include both aggregated and drill-down views, and typically includes operator- or administrator-facing dashboards and other graphical interfaces.

This report contains hands-on monitoring test results from 11 IoT platform vendors: Altizon, Amazon, Bosch, GE, Google, IBM, Litmus Automation, Microsoft, Sierra Wireless, Software AG and Thingsboard.

Full report (Client-only access): Monitoring: IoT Platform Comparison from MachNation MIT-E

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