MQTT and LWM2M: choosing the right IoT data protocol

MachNation has engaged many enterprise clients on the topic of IoT data communication protocols. In particular, there is tremendous interest in understanding the nuances of two of the most debated protocols: MQTT and LWM2M. MachNation’s 2018 IoT Device Management ScoreCard noted that almost all IoT device management vendors emphasized the LWM2M data communications protocol in their discussions with us, a tremendous difference from the 2017 ScoreCard when virtually no vendor mentioned LWM2M.

In this short article available to MachNation clients, we define the two IoT data communications protocols and provide simple guidelines to help enterprises decide when they should use MQTT or LWM2M.

Full article (Client-only access): MQTT and LWM2M: Choosing the right IoT data protocol

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