MachNation completes PTC ThingWorx testing in IoT platform test lab

MachNation has completed detailed testing of the PTC ThingWorx Platform in MachNation’s IoT platform test lab (MIT-E). Results are in MachNation’s MIT-E Complete report.



In MIT-E, MachNation testers:

  • perform a set of 110 common hands-on tasks on IoT platforms
  • score these tasks
  • compile task scores in a MIT-E Complete report available on our website

The results from MIT-E help enterprises compare IoT platform capabilities and usability. MachNation makes the results from MIT-E available to enterprises to help guide IoT platform decisions. The results provide enterprises an apples-to-apples comparison of IoT platforms across relevant hands-on task metrics.

Using MIT-E, MachNation also provides a set of services to enterprises including:

Please contact MachNation for more information.

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