2019 Application Enablement (AEP) ScoreCard rates 20 vendors

Update: MachNation has published the updated 2020 IoT AEP Scorecard.

MachNation announces the availability of its 2019 IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) ScoreCard, an in-depth rating of 20 Internet of Things (IoT) platform vendors.

Executive summary (Publicly available):

Full report (Client-only access): 2019 IoT Application Enablement ScoreCard

According to MachNation forecasts, worldwide IoT application enablement and device management revenue was USD 3.2 billion in 2018 growing to USD 66.0 billion by 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40% over the period. Enterprises realize that a well-built IoT AEP saves significant development time and money in the creation and operation of an IoT solution.

“MachNation’s fifth annual ScoreCard is the industry’s most complete review of IoT platforms,” said Samuel Hale, MachNation analyst and author of the research study. “Industrial enterprises and solution providers use MachNation’s ScoreCard to gain detailed insights into well-known and lesser known IoT platforms in the global market.”

MachNation also evaluates many of the same IoT platforms in MachNation’s hands-on IoT platform test lab, MIT-E. MachNation is the only firm in the world that conducts hands-on tests of IoT platforms and makes test-based comparison data available for platforms like Microsoft Azure IoT, Amazon AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT, and others.

“MachNation’s IoT platform test lab helps software engineers, software developers, and platform architects pick best-in-class services from the available IoT platforms in the market. It saves enterprises valuable time and money in designing their IoT solutions, because MachNation has used so many IoT platforms already in MIT-E,” continued Hale. “If you’re serious about understanding platform differences, you need to dig deeply into their capabilities and features, and you can only do that if you actually use IoT platforms.”

MachNation’s ScoreCard contains several graphics to help clarify the strengths of IoT platform vendors’ solutions. The ScoreCard ranks vendors using 15 detailed technical and business criteria including development ease, architectural approach, platform APIs and device SDKs, operational sophistication, and partnerships.

MachNation’s 2019 IoT AEP scorecard contains analysis of the following vendors: Amazon, Arm, Axonize, Ayla Networks, Bosch, ClearBlade, Device Insight, Huawei, IBM, Losant, Microsoft, Orange, PTC, SAP, Siemens, Sierra Wireless, Software AG, Telit, TheThings.iO, and Zoho.

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