User experience (UX) testing for IoT platforms

MachNation has been asked by IoT platform vendors to help improve the user experience (UX) of their platforms by completing UX testing. MachNation’s hands-on testing of IoT platforms in our test lab allows us to provide unique insights into best-in-class platform UX. Vendors’ platforms with best-in-class UX will find more commercial success than vendors with poor UX.

Research article (publicly available):

In order to improve a platform’s UX, we have to understand the types of enterprise users who will interface with a platform. So, MachNation:

  • Defines IoT platform user types which we call personas
  • Identifies relevant IoT platform tasks for each persona
  • Conducts IoT platform UX testing for each persona for each task
  • Provides detailed recommendations for UX improvements

In this short article, we define the 5 most common enterprise IoT platform personas, describe
their typical platform tasks, and identify best-in-class IoT platform UX for each persona.
For the convenience of MachNation clients, we also link the UX methodology to workflows
in MachNation’s MIT-E Complete – a set of reports that presents results of our hands-on testing and benchmarking of IoT platforms.

For more information about:

  • MachNation’s UX testing, please contact us
  • MachNation’s hands-on benchmarking and testing of IoT platforms, please see MIT-E Complete
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