Sample MIT-E Complete report

Free IoT platform benchmark report for Amazon AWS IoT

MachNation, the only independent IoT platform benchmarking lab, is offering a free download report covering Amazon AWS IoT.

Free benchmark AWS IoT (Publicly available):

This Amazon AWS IoT excerpt is from MachNation’s MIT-E Complete report in which we present a highly detailed review of the microservices comprising 16 IoT platforms currently.

MachNation’s testers completed a set of 110 hands-on workflows on AWS IoT covering:

  • Access control
  • Analytics
  • Architecture/productization
  • Data management
  • Device management
  • Edge
  • Event processing
  • External integration
  • Monitoring
  • Usability

MachNation testers simulate the actual tasks completed by IoT platform customers including connecting devices to the platform, streaming data northbound, creating event rules, testing APIs, and more.

For more information about MachNation’s acclaimed IoT platform benchmarking lab, please

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