New IoT performance testing features released in MachNation Tempest

MachNation continues to develop and launch new features and capabilities in Tempest, our software for IoT performance testing and IoT simulation.

Check-out these great new IoT testing features in Tempest.

  • Digital twin testing. We have implemented a productized way to test the reliability, scalability, and performance of an end-to-end solution’s digital twin. The most common digital twin tests include updating the twin, querying data northbound from the twin, and confirming that the data in the twin is up-to-date. If you are experiencing poor IoT solution reliability, it’s quite possible that your digital twin has been poorly implemented.
  • Rapid redeployment of a Tempest tenant. For customers that are already using Tempest, we’ve shortened the Tempest tenant redeployment from 60 minutes to 5 minutes, saving customers time and money. This allows current customers to bring their Tempest instance live extremely quickly. And unlike legacy testing tools like JMeter, LoadRunner, and others, Tempest is built with a serverless architecture, so you’re not paying for Tempest when you’re not using it for testing!

Talk with the testing experts at MachNation and learn how to make your end-to-end IoT solution perform as reliably as some of our other Tempest customers.

Learn more about Tempest and IoT performance testing made easy!

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