Making IoT performance testing configurations easier: increase test reliability

MachNation continues to make it easier and more reliable to conduct IoT performance testing and IoT simulations using Tempest, our software for IoT performance testing.

Check-out these great new IoT testing features in Tempest v1.3.

  • Global test configurations. We have implemented a straight-forward way to build a Tempest test template and specify the “speeds and feeds” of an IoT performance test configuration. These global configuration templates allow an enterprise to specify the simulated device quantity, frequency of messaging/queries, load size, and more using one global test config. We use pre-created objects to drop into the global test template. These objects shorten the time it takes to create a test template and reduces the probability of a configuration error. This new capability allows for faster test set-up and easy scenario building for enterprises that want to run the a performance test multiple times while changing one or more test parameters.
  • Enhanced job workflow management. A job workflow specifies the steps required to bring a test live in Tempest and run it. With our new enhanced job workflow management, we now have an automated error-checking process that finds configuration and resource errors in an enterprise’s particular test set-up before an actual test starts running. This automated error-checking process saves enterprises time and money by preventing a test from starting if there are errors in the workflow.

Talk with the testing experts at MachNation and learn how to make your end-to-end IoT solution perform as reliably as some of our other Tempest customers.

Learn more about Tempest and IoT performance testing made easy!

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