MachNation’s 2021 IoT Device Management Scorecard rates 12 IoT platform vendors

Update: MachNation has published the updated 2022 IoT Device Management Scorecard.

MachNation announces the availability of its 2021 IoT Device Management (DM) ScoreCard, an in-depth rating of 12 Internet of Things (IoT) device management platform vendors.

In order to capture the key trends in the ecosystem, we completed an in-depth analysis of the following vendors: 1NCE, AiKaan Labs, Akenza AG, AVSystem, Eurotech, Friendly Technologies, Microsoft, Orange, Pelion, Siemens, Software AG, and WolkAbout.

This is MachNation’s fifth year producing its highly demanded ScoreCard.

Executive summary (Publicly available):

Full report (Client-only access): 2021 IoT Device Management ScoreCard

“Enterprises that implement best-in-class device management practices at the onset of their digital transformation journey are less likely to encounter major complications further up their technology stack,” said Josh Taubenheim, IoT analyst with MachNation. “Cogent device lifecycle management strategies are the foundation of stable and efficient growth as IoT deployments scale to production levels.”

MachNation, the industry’s only independent test lab for IoT platforms, recognizes the value of relevant, high-quality, time-saving IoT platform research.

MachNation’s IoT DM ScoreCard is the industry’s most comprehensive technical review of relevant vendors. The research provides a detailed review of product capabilities, SDKs, APIs, and documentation to help businesses and service providers manage IoT sensors, devices, and gateways at scale.

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