MachNation announces major rebranding and new website for its IoT performance testing software

Boston, September 24, 2021. MachNation, the leading test and benchmarking lab for IoT platforms, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding of its powerful and flexible IoT performance testing software. MachNation’s industrial and service provider customers are conducting high-scale, rapid testing, so MachNation chose a name for its IoT load testing product that would amplify the way its customers are conducting IoT-specific tests.

MachNation specializes in helping its enterprise customers improve the resiliency, reliability, and quality of their IoT platforms and end-to-end IoT solutions. In addition to a set of tools in its IoT test lab, MachNation brings one of the industry’s most experienced set of engineers, testers, and architects to every customer engagement.

MachNation’s IoT performance testing software is now rebranded Tempest, a name conveying its powerful tooling and unique ability to simulate and orchestrate an end-to-end IoT solution at high scale.

To learn more about Tempest, please visit our new Tempest landing page where you can

  • Find insightful content about enterprise uses of IoT performance testing
  • Read about the 5 easy steps to complete IoT performance testing
  • Listen to “Performance IoT”, our new podcast series featuring great speakers describing the ways that enterprises are increasing the resiliency and reliability of enterprise-grade IoT solutions
  • Keep an eye on new product releases for Tempest

“Tempest has proven itself to be a flexible and powerful performance testing solution for enterprise customers,” said Steve Hilton, President of MachNation. “MachNation’s testing engineers help our customers tune and improve their end-to-end IoT solutions by simulating highly realistic IoT devices and workflows at virtually any scale in Tempest.”

Explore our new website, brand, and offerings. And contact us to learn more about getting started with Tempest.

About MachNation

MachNation is exclusively dedicated to testing and benchmarking Internet of Things platforms, end-to-end solutions, and services. MachNation owns and runs MIT-E, the industry’s only independent, hands-on, benchmarking lab for IoT platforms. MachNation testers, developers, and analysts provide guidance to industrial enterprises, the world’s leading IT vendors, and communication service providers. MachNation participates in many of the world’s most exclusive IoT events and contributes regularly to leading IoT and business press.

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