ALSO selects MachNation’s Tempest for IoT performance testing

Boston, MA, September 27, 2021. ALSO Holdings AG, one of world’s leading technology providers for the ICT industry, has selected Tempest, MachNation’s IoT performance testing software, to conduct IoT performance and scalability testing.

MachNation will use Tempest—MachNation’s recently re-branded IoT performance testing software—to independently verify the scalability and performance of IoT solutions created on AllThingsTalk, ALSO’s IoT platform. ALSO is using IoT performance testing to assure its customers and partners that its platform can sustain its customers’ high IoT growth rates.

Peter Leemans, CTO, Strategy at AllThingsTalk, stated: “ALSO is one of the leading technology providers for the ICT industry, currently active in 24 countries in Europe and 90 countries worldwide. As the size of our IoT deployments grows, it is important that we have independent proof for our partners that our products can grow with them. So we chose MachNation’s Tempest because of its innovative technology and ability to do high-scale testing along with the deep IoT knowledge of MachNation’s testing team.”

Tempest is innovative software built by MachNation to test and validate the performance and scalability of IoT platforms and solutions for enterprises, service providers, and IoT platform vendors. Built using a serverless, infrastructure-as-code architecture, Tempest allows users to test the full IoT device lifecycle by simulating extremely realistic, bi-directional IoT devices at scale and providing highly granular output metrics. MachNation’s engineers and testers supplement our customers’ IoT engineering and DevOps teams while leveraging the uniquely flexible and powerful attributes of Tempest.

Steve Hilton, President of MachNation, added, “To make sure IoT platforms can support growing customer needs, MachNation is helping enterprises tune and improve the resiliency and reliability of their end-to-end IoT solutions using Tempest. This allows our customers to offer exceptional IoT solutions and ensure an exceptional customer journey.”

MachNation is exclusively dedicated to testing and benchmarking IoT platforms, solutions, and services. MachNation owns and runs MachNation IoT Test Environment, the industry’s only independent, hands-on, benchmarking lab for IoT platforms. MachNation testers, developers, and analysts provide guidance to industrial enterprises, the world’s leading IT vendors, and communication service providers.

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