Tempest now features a customer dashboard and CoAP with DTLS support

MachNation continues to develop and launch new features and capabilities in Tempest, our software for IoT performance testing and IoT device simulation. Find out more about our Tempest customer dashboard and CoAP device support below.

  • CoAP and CoAP with DTLS are now supported IoT device protocols. Tempest, a powerful and flexible IoT device simulator, now has a pre-built CoAP stack. This allows our enterprise customers to easily simulate IoT devices that rely on the CoAP protocol. And, Tempest supports both CoAP and CoAP with DTLS, so you can test the scalability of your end-to-end IoT solutions with highly realistic IoT devices that match your use case. CoAP is a protocol used to support low-power or bandwidth-constrained devices. DTLS is an additional layer of security for CoAP devices that, amongst other things, encrypts IoT data for IoT solutions requiring added data security.
  • Tempest dashboard. We’re so excited to announce that Tempest now has a dashboard allowing customers to see, save, and export all of their IoT performance testing results in one convenient location. Performance testing results flow directly into our Tempest dashboard’s set of pre-designed and pre-configured graphs and charts. You’ll see all of your performance testing results in real-time in one place. Each item on the Tempest dashboard is “clickable”, meaning is very easy to get deep insights into every single piece of data on the dashboard.

Talk with the testing experts at MachNation and learn how to make your end-to-end IoT solution perform as reliably as some of our other Tempest customers.

Learn more about Tempest and IoT performance testing made easy!

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