Microsoft Azure IoT Central versus IoT Hub: a solution builder’s technical guide

MachNation has recently published a solution builder’s technical guide and comparison of Microsoft Azure IoT Central versus IoT Hub. This technical guide and comparison helps enterprise IoT developers determine the strengths and weaknesses of building their IoT solutions on Microsoft Azure IoT Central versus IoT Hub plus ancillary Azure services.

Executive summary (Publicly available): 

Full report and discussion with report author (For purchase only): Contact us

The full report is available from MachNation for USD3850. Additional packages including in-depth discussions with the report’s author Samuel Hale, are available. Please ask.

Microsoft, one of the world’s largest hyperscale cloud providers, offers several IoT-related offerings through its Azure product line. These Microsoft offerings plus partner offerings can serve as the basis for an enterprise’s IoT or industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions. However, it is a complex task determining which Microsoft and Azure services are appropriate for an enterprise’s IoT and IIoT solutions.

Due to Microsoft’s recent marketing campaigns and product development around Azure IoT Central, many enterprises and industrials have approached MachNation about the technical implications of building their IoT system architectures around

To help clarify the technical differences between these two architectures from the perspective of an enterprise’s IoT development team, MachNation has published this report comparing the technical and functional aspects of these two IoT solution stacks. In this report, MachNation

  • Illustrates each IIoT solution stack in an architectural reference diagram
  • Provides high-level scoring for each IIoT solution stack by 10 evaluation categories
  • Provides a detailed write-up about each of the 10 technology-centric evaluation categories for the two IIoT solution stacks
  • Defines and provides an example of what “best-in-class” would encompass for each of the 10 evaluation-categories

The 10 evaluation categories include access control, analytics, data management, device management, edge, event processing, monitoring, usability, productization, and architecture.

Every enterprise’s IoT solution needs are different based on external and internal considerations beyond the purview of this report. We do not warrant that the architectures, capabilities, and features discussed in this report from any IoT vendor are appropriate for an enterprise’s IoT or IIoT solution needs. The information in this report is provided as a way to educate the market based on MachNation’s research and opinions.

If you are interested in recommendations for IoT system architectures, data models, performance testing, and IoT solution implementation specifically for your enterprise’s IoT solutions, please feel free to contact us.



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