Product overview sheet for Tempest IoT performance testing

Tempest, built by MachNation, is the industry’s most developed performance testing software for testing end-to-end IoT solutions. And now you can download our Tempest Product Overview Sheet! Tempest: Allows end-to-end testing of an IoT solution on virtually any IoT platform including Azure IoT, AWS IoT, GCP, Cumulocity IoT, Mindsphere, Thingworx and others, so an enterprise can simulate and test its IoT solutions including smart metering, remote asset management, smart parking, connected warehousing, and others at […]

ALSO selects MachNation’s Tempest for IoT performance testing

Boston, MA, September 27, 2021. ALSO Holdings AG, one of world’s leading technology providers for the ICT industry, has selected Tempest, MachNation’s IoT performance testing software, to conduct IoT performance and scalability testing. MachNation will use Tempest—MachNation’s recently re-branded IoT performance testing software—to independently verify the scalability and performance of IoT solutions created on AllThingsTalk, ALSO’s IoT platform. ALSO is using IoT performance testing to assure its customers and partners that its platform can sustain […]

MachNation announces major rebranding and new website for its IoT performance testing software

Boston, September 24, 2021. MachNation, the leading test and benchmarking lab for IoT platforms, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding of its powerful and flexible IoT performance testing software. MachNation’s industrial and service provider customers are conducting high-scale, rapid testing, so MachNation chose a name for its IoT load testing product that would amplify the way its customers are conducting IoT-specific tests. MachNation specializes in helping its enterprise customers improve the resiliency, […]

Software AG selects MachNation’s Tempest for IoT performance testing

Enterprise software and digital services provider Software AG has selected Tempest, MachNation’s IoT performance testing software, to conduct IoT performance testing and tuning of Cumulocity IoT, the low-code, self-service IoT platform for connected solutions. Tempest is the most recent solution to be offered from MachNation’s MIT-E test lab. Tempest—a flexible, cost-effective, and IoT-centric product for performance testing—will be used to independently verify the performance and reliability of IoT solutions created on Cumulocity IoT. The relationship […]

Making IoT performance testing configurations easier: increase test reliability

MachNation continues to make it easier and more reliable to conduct IoT performance testing and IoT simulations using Tempest, our software for IoT performance testing. Check-out these great new IoT testing features in Tempest v1.3. Global test configurations. We have implemented a straight-forward way to build a Tempest test template and specify the “speeds and feeds” of an IoT performance test configuration. These global configuration templates allow an enterprise to specify the simulated device quantity, […]

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