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August 19, 2022: Google Cloud IoT shutdown likely to have minimal impact on CSPs: MachNation (Fierce Wireless)

August 19, 2022: Google to shut down Google IoT core in 2023: Damning verdict and advice from MachNation (IoT Now)

May 2, 2022: Why the rush to digital heightens cyber risk for manufacturers (

April 29, 2022: Selecting an IoT application enablement platform (IoT Now)

March 17, 2022: Methods to categorise ‘skinny’ & ‘thick’ IoT edge deployments (Channel 969)

March 17, 2022: Ways to classify ‘thin’ & ‘thick’ IoT edge deployments (IoT Now)

March 17, 2022: Ways To Classify ‘Thin’ & ‘Thick’ IoT Edge Deployments (Zephyrnet)

March 16, 2022: MachNation Podcast Replay Enterprise-Specific Implementation Testing (PTC Community)

February 21, 2022: MachNation releases its 2022 IoT application enablement platform ScoreCard (IoT Global News)

February 21, 2022: MachNation releases its 2022 IoT application enablement platform ScoreCard (IPv6 and IoT News)

February 15, 2022: How to measure IoT scalability in the real world (IoT Now)

September 23, 2021: MachNation Rebrands IoT Performance Testing Software (Software Testing Magazine)

September 19, 2021: MachNation announces major rebranding and new website for its IoT performance testing software (press release)

May 3, 2021: Software AG selects MachNation’s Tempest for IoT performance testing (press release)

October 27, 2020: Bosch.IO selects MachNation for Bosch IoT Suite performance testing (press release)

July 14, 2020: MachNation’s 2020 IoT device management scorecard rates 13 IoT platform vendors (IoT Now)

February 26, 2020: MachNation launches MIT-E Pf Performance Testing Software for IoT Solutions (Embedded Computing Design)

February 10, 2020: MachNation Launches MIT-E Pf, Performance Testing Software for IoT solutions (IoT for All)

January 23, 2020: IoT platform performance testing software launched (Smart 2.0)

January 23, 2020: MachNation launches MIT-E Pf, performance testing software for IoT solutions (PRNewswire)

June 4, 2019: Edge Computing Middleware: How It Can Tame IoT Complexity (IoT World Today)

May 9, 2019: Final of Smart e-Mobility Challenge (Student Circuit)

April 24, 2019: Build or Buy? An Executive’s Guide to IoT Platforms (IoT World Today)

April 18, 2019: Microsoft Takes On AWS In RTOS Space With Express Logic Acquisition (CRN)

February 28, 2019: Trusted IoT Alliance Presents Global Smart Construction Challenge (PRNewswire)

January 24, 2019: The Best IoT Platforms So Far Revealed (News Lair)

January 23, 2019: Top IoT Platforms Announced in MachNation's 2019 IoT Application Enablement Scorecard

December 13, 2018: Three Recommendations For GE's Newly Formed Industrial IoT Software Company (Forbes)

November 26, 2018: 3 types of IoT platform analytics (Network World)

September 10, 2018: IoT alphabet soup: when should an enterprise use MQTT versus LWM2M? (Network World)

August 14, 2018: Why IoT is not an island (The Enterprisers Project)

June 12, 2018: Enterprises evaluate the costs of building versus buying an IoT platform (Network World)

May 31, 2018: IoT Device Management Revenue Grows 58% in 2018 (press release)

May 31, 2018: 4 criteria enterprises use to pick best-in-class IoT device management (Network World)

Feb 12, 2018: The top 4 industrial enterprise requirements of IoT application enablement platforms AEPs (Network World)

Jan 16, 2018: The top 5 user requirements of IoT edge platforms (Network World)

Jan 25, 2018: Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and 18 Others Compared in MachNation's Newest IoT Platform ScoreCard (press release)

Jan 8, 2018: A Week in IoT: How secure are your devices, and your elderly? (IoT Now)

Jan 5, 2018: Security Meltdown, Spectre Debacle: What You Need To Know (NewsFactor)

Dec 7, 2016: IoT Edge Platforms Show Blistering 81% Revenue Growth In 2018, According to the Industry's First IoT Edge ScoreCard From MachNation (press release)

Nov 28, 2017: 5 Facets of Edge Platform Assessment (Automation World)

Oct 24, 2017: MachNation Launches Test Lab Comparing Internet of Things Platforms (press release)

Jul 25, 2017: SK Telecom Develops Quantum Cryptography Chip for IoT (SDX Central)

Mar 30, 2017: Here's how Microsoft is helping companies build IoT hardware (PCWorld)

Mar 30, 2017: Verizon to launch wireless Cat M1 network nationwide to juice IoT (ComputerWorld)

Feb 14, 2017: Does IoT Need Service Providers? (Cisco Blogs)

Feb 8, 2017: CRN Exclusive -- Unified Office Aims To Help Restaurants Turn Healthy Profits By Adding IoT Capabilities In Its New Operations Performance Suite (CRN Magazine)

Jan 10, 2017: Old networks can hobble IoT, even in tech paradise (CIO from IDG)

Dec 15, 2016: IoT revenue on the rise (Mobile Payments Today)

Dec 13, 2016: The IoT in 2017 (IT Business Edge)

Dec 9, 2016: MachNation Releases Latest IoT Platform ScoreCard (Read IT Quik)

Dec 8, 2016: Internet of Things Platform Revenue Will Grow 116% in 2017, According to MachNation's Newest IoT Platform ScoreCard (PR Newswire)

Nov 17, 2016: Verizon set for deeper dive into IoT in battle for network market share (RCR Wireless News)

Nov 14, 2016: Cisco names 10 cities using its cloud-based smart service (Computer World)

Oct 4, 2016: IoT success factors: Meet MachNation’s Dima Tokar at Bosch ConnectedWorld (You Tube)

Sep 27, 2016: Bringing IoT data into public clouds is getting easier (CIO)

Sep 6, 2016: Telit Announces Major Updates to IoT Portal (Press Release)

Aug 2, 2016: Verizon spends $2.4bn on Fleetmatics to boost role in mobile workforce solutions (IoT Global Network)

June 22, 2016: Senet Announces The Foundry, a Suite of IoT Product Development Services (BusinesWire)

June 9, 2016: HPE & GE Form an IoT Partnership (SDX Central)

June 3, 2016: IBM and Cisco are taking IoT analytics to the edge (InfoWorld)

May 18, 2016: Google I/O Developer Conference: Keynote News (NewsFactor Network)

May 3, 2016: Microsoft's Solair acquisition could expand its IoT services (CIO, InfoWorld, PCWorld, ITWorld, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld)

May 3, 2016: Microsoft Acquires Italian IoT Platform Solair (NewsFactor Network)

Apr 29, 2016: Storage, BDR and MDM among the IoT Growth Opportunities for MSPs (MSPMentor)

Apr 1, 2016: Cellular's NB-IoT, EC-GSM and LTE Cat M face off against Sigfox, LoRa and others on the crowded IoT battlefield (FierceWirelessEurope)

Feb 26. 2016: Net neutrality: Long-term implications loom for Internet of Things (FierceWireless)

Feb 15, 2016: Why most of data in the Internet of Things is going nowhere (Cisco's "The Network")

Feb 5, 2016: Cisco's Jasper acquisition raises questions over Ericsson partnership (FierceWirelessEurope)

Feb 4, 2016: Cisco’s US$1.4bn acquisition of Jasper shows determination to gain a stronghold in IoT (IoT Now)

Feb 3. 2015: Cisco to Buy Jasper in $1.4 Billion ‘Things’ Push (Wall Street Journal)

Feb 3, 2016: Cisco to Pay $1.4 Billion for Internet-of-Things Company Jasper (re/code)

Feb 3, 2016: Cisco-Jasper deal should make enterprise IoT safer (CIO)

Feb 3, 2016: Cisco to buy Jasper for $1.4B to pursue IoT (FierceWireless)

Feb 3, 2016: Cisco bets $1.4B on IoT with Jasper acquisition (RCR Wireless)

Feb 3, 2016: Cisco will get stronger in IoT by buying Jasper for $1.4 billion (PC World)

Jan 22, 2016: (In Russian) IoT Application Platform и новые квадранты (Компьютерное Обозрение)

Jan 13, 2016: MachNation identifies 10 AEPs that meet enterprises’ criteria for providing IoT solutions (IoT Now)

Jan 12, 2016: Enterprise IoT ecosystem flush with AEP, PES options (RCR Wireless)

Jan 12, 2016: Don't rush your company into an IoT app platform (CIO, InfoWorld, PCWorld, ITWorld, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld)

Jan 7, 2016: Mark Zuckerberg Wants A Smart Home With A ‘Jarvis’ AI Butler; Just How Difficult Will That Be? (International Business Times)

Dec 31, 2015: A New OSS/BSS Framework for the Burgeoning Internet of Things (NetCracker Blog)

Dec 2, 2015: Carrier Wrap Video - IoT Tips with MachNation - beginning at minute 13:35 (RCR Wireless)

Dec 2, 2015: IoT Changing the Public Safety Landscape (Cisco Blog: Government)

Nov 18, 2015: Analyst Angle: Who wants to buy an IoT company? (RCR Wireless)

Oct 8, 2015: MachNation Recommends 5 IoT Security Vendors (PRWeb)

Oct 5, 2015: If industrial machines could fly... (Cisco's "The Network")

Sep 14, 2015: Nokia, Ericsson, Intel back NB-LTE, yet another wireless technology for IoT (FierceWireless)

Aug 4, 2015: 10 Leaders In Internet Of Things Infrastructure (InformationWeek: Network Computing)

July 30, 2015: Could military technology help with PV forecasting? (Solarplaza)

July 28, 2015: Does Cisco’s IoT System matter to you? (m2mnow)

July 8, 2015: How Will Smart Cities Defend Against Hackers? (Cisco's "The Network")

June 4, 2015: M2MTalks Benelux video - Steve Hilton delivers the concluding keynote (Tele2)

May 12, 2015: The world's top 10 smartest cities - and what makes them so smart (FierceWirelessEurope)

May 2015: Fog computing and big data creates rapid, actionable decisions (Connected Futures)

April 22, 2015: Google launches Project Fi, its combo cellular and Wi-Fi network (CIO / ComputerWorld)

April 17, 2015: ARM buys Bluetooth players Wicentric, Sunrise Micro in Internet of Things push (FierceWireless)

Apr 2, 2015: Internet of Things' Future Looks Foggy (Cisco's "The Network")

Feb. 26, 2015: Net neutrality: Long-term implications loom for Internet of Things (FierceWireless)

Feb 17, 2015: Amazon ‘Committed’ To Prime Air Drone Delivery, Will Contest FAA Restrictions (International Business Times)

Jan 28, 2015: Google’s MVNO ambitions are IoT related, says MachNation (M2M Zone)

Jan 22, 2015: Google preps for wireless services with T-Mo and Sprint (ComputerWorld)

Jan 21, 2015: 2015 Connected World Awards Finalists Illustrate Depth of the IoT (Press Release)

Dec 10, 2014: MachNation Publishes Scorecard that Reviews IoT Application Enablement Platforms (Press Release)

Dec 5, 2014: IoT Readiness: Three Big Changes (InformationWeek: Network Computing)

Dec 4, 2014: With $1.2B In New Funding, Uber Is Now Worth More Than Netflix, Twitter (International Business Times)

Dec 1, 2014: Here's Why Investors Think Uber Is Worth More Than Netflix And Twitter (International Business Times)

Nov 14, 2014: MachNation: Will carriers become irrelevant in the Internet of Things? (FierceWirelessEurope)

Oct 21, 2014: Future of IT: A Cisco podcast exploring business and tech trends in a converging IT landscape (Cisco's Podcast)

Oct 21, 2014: Three Ways IoT is Impacting the #InternetOfEverything (Cisco's "The Platform")

Oct. 13, 2014: IoT platforms for today's enterprise (FierceWirelessEurope)

Sep. 25, 2014: How IoT Affects Your Enterprise (InformationWeek Network Computing)

Sep. 24, 2014: Adding Security to the Internet of Everything (Cisco's "The Network")

Sep. 17, 2014: Retrofitting Smart Cities (Cisco's "The Network")

Sep. 16, 2014: Hilton: We need to make buying a complete Internet of Things solution easier (FierceWirelessEurope)

Sep. 4, 2014: MachNation Announces IoT3 to Help Enterprises Deliver World-Class IoT Solutions (Press Release)

Jul. 16, 2014: Hilton: IoT raises questions about human control (FierceWirelessEurope)

Jun 26, 2014: New Analyst Whitepaper Roadmaps Development of the Internet of Everything (Cisco's "The Network")

Jun. 16, 2014: Hilton: The power of analytics in IoT (FierceWirelessEurope)

Jun. 16, 2014: MachNation joins prestigious enterprise IoT steering committee (FierceWireless)

Jun. 6, 2014: Ride-sharing firm Uber's valuation soars to $18.2 billion (Los Angeles Times)

May 12, 2014: Hilton: Orange differentiates with high-value Internet of Things services (FierceWirelessEurope)

Apr. 11, 2014: Hilton: IoT challengers — new operators enter the market (FierceWirelessEurope)

Mar. 14, 2014: Hilton: Internet of Things progresses at Mobile World Congress 2014 (FierceWirelessEurope)

Mar. 4, 2014: Looking backward and forward in the Internet of Things (Bosch ConnectedWorld)

Feb. 14, 2014: Hilton: Enterprises turn to operators for 'Internet of Things' services (FierceWirelessEurope)

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