Four Bosch partners we hope you met at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017

MachNation was pleased to participate in Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017 in Berlin. This pivotal event brought together 2700 partners and customers into a dynamite mix of 20th century electro-mechanical machines and 21st century digitization. There were too many exhibitors and partners about which MachNation could write, but we picked-out 4 that are relevant to the types of

Survey data: State of the IoT AEP market 2016-2017

Today, MachNation published the industry’s first “State of the IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Market Report: 2016-2017“. MachNation collected and analyzed quantitative data from the vendors that participated in MachNation’s 2016 IoT AEP ScoreCard. Using these data, MachNation published the industry’s only source of IoT AEP survey data and quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs). In this report are the

Relayr acquires Proximetry for IoT device management

On 22 December, 2016, Relayr — an IoT application enablement platform (AEP) vendor — announced the acquisition of Proximetry — an IoT device management platform (DMP) vendor. MachNation partners have access to this full research document.

Productized IoT solutions: making IoT easier

IoT is easy: a phrase that no one has ever said. More precisely, no one has ever said that deploying an enterprise- or carrier-grade IoT solution that supports multiple, integrated applications is easy. And this is certainly understandable. In general, it takes 5-7 IoT technology partners to stand-up one IoT solution. IoT technology vendors have not spent

IoT Platform ScoreCard: MachNation rates 35 AEPs to watch in 2017

Today, MachNation published its 2016 IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) ScoreCard – a rating of 35 Internet of Things (IoT) platform companies. Download publicly available executive summary. The ScoreCard rates the following vendors (listed alphabetically): Aeris, Afero, Altizon, Amazon, Amplia, AT&T, Ayla Networks, Bosch, C3 IoT, Carriots, ClearBlade, Connio, Cumulocity, Davra Networks, DevicePilot, Electric Imp, Ericsson, Exosite, Gemalto, HPE,

IoT Evolution – Feb 7-10, 2017 – Ft. Lauderdale

Explore groundbreaking IoT technologies and solutions your company can leverage now to optimize business process, increase productivity and drive new revenue. Five tracks of content, an Industrial IoT conference, hands on demonstrations, keynotes, and an IoT Exhibition all combine to provide unmatched education and networking to successfully launch your IoT initiatives. Topics include; enterprise IoT,

Whitepaper: Benefits of an open-source approach to IoT Application Enablement

Enterprises and service providers building IoT solutions evaluate myriad software and hardware options to assemble an IoT stack. Typically, middleware requirements are met by using an IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP). AEPs are a fundamental building block and interface with almost every component in the system, including enterprise backends, IoT devices and ancillary services. Enterprises

Blockchain, cybersecurity and the IoT

MachNation’s CTO and head analyst Dima Tokar attended blockchain training and found relevancy of the solution to Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity. Blockchain is a distributed database best-known as the technology underpinning cryptocurrency Bitcoin. At a high-level, blockchain allows data to be stored and cryptographically verified by a distributed network of participating nodes. MachNation partners

Build, acquire and buy: an AEP analysis

MachNation finds that using an IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) is 40% less expensive than building and maintaining an in-house solution. In this financial analysis, MachNation calculates the total cost over 5 years to support up to 5 million IoT devices with a enterprise-grade AEP that is upgraded annually to remain competitive with the market.

M&A insight: SAP acquires IoT application enablement vendor PLAT.ONE

On 28 September 2016, SAP acquired IoT Platform-Enabled Solutions (PES) vendor PLAT.ONE. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, MachNation has been tracking IoT mergers and acquisitions for 3 years. In this M&A insight article MachNation partners will find: Insights into the SAP/PLAT.ONE acquisition rationale Estimate of the acquisition purchase price and revenue multiple