MIT-E (MachNation IoT Test Environment)

With 100s of self-proclaimed IoT platforms in the market, the only way to truly know each platform is to use it. MIT‑E compares IoT platforms, producing 1000s of data points rating 70+ developer and operator workflows.

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The industry's only hands-on IoT platform comparison lab

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Hands-on testing cuts through the marketing jargon and buzzwords.

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A database of 1000s of data points comparing IoT platforms

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Sample: AWS IoT

Check out what a complete MIT-E test looks like for Amazon's AWS IoT.



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About MIT-E

MachNation IoT Test Environment (MIT-E) is an IoT platform test lab run by MachNation, the world leading analyst firm researching IoT platforms and middleware. MIT-E’s core product is a database to help enterprises compare IoT platform capabilities and usability. MIT-E developers perform a set of common hands-on tasks on IoT platforms. MIT-E developers score these tasks based on the completeness of tasks, sophistication level, ease-of-completion and time-to-complete each task. Then, MachNation developers compile all the data and make the MIT-E database and report available to enterprises to help guide IoT platform purchase decisions. The database and report provide enterprises an apples-to-apples comparison of IoT platforms across relevant hands-on task metrics.

The MIT-E Methodology

MachNation developers test IoT platforms in a controlled manner. MachNation developers receive access to a vendor’s platform services, conduct an initial review of platform documentation, complete an initial platform test of 70+ tasks, complete the timed test of 70+ tasks and then assign scores to the platform. MachNation developers expect vendor personnel to assist with platform challenges during the testing process, but do not receive pre-testing support or training services.

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