Steve Hilton

Co-founder and Analyst
Steve Hilton is a co-founder and analyst at MachNation. Prior to founding MachNation, he built and ran the IoT/M2M and Enterprise practice areas at Analysys Mason.

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Samuel Hale

Samuel Hale is an Analyst and IoT Implementation Specialist with MachNation. Prior to joining MachNation, Sam worked on implementation and execution of corporate strategy.

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Joshua Taubenheim

Technology Analyst
Joshua Taubenheim is a Technology Analyst at MachNation. His strengths include master data management, data profiling, and platform implementation.

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Skip Bassey

Software Engineer
Skip Bassey is a Software Engineer at MachNation specializing in full stack development with Angular and AWS.

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Kamela Dolinova

Design and Marketing Specialist
Kamela Dolinova is the Design and Marketing Specialist at MachNation. She manages MachNation’s social media presence, along with editing, graphic design, document layout, and podcast production.

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Jason Deign

Contributing Analyst
Jason Deign is a Contributing Analyst with MachNation. Based in Barcelona, Spain, has been tracking technology trends since the 1990s.

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