Steve Hilton

Co-founder and Analyst
Steve Hilton is a co-founder and analyst at MachNation. Prior to founding MachNation, he built and ran the IoT/M2M and Enterprise practice areas at Analysys Mason.

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Dima Tokar

Co-founder and Head of Research
Dima Tokar is a co-founder and Head of Research at MachNation. Prior to co-founding MachNation, Dima held a management position in technology and marketing at Verivo.

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Samuel Hale

Samuel Hale is an Analyst and IoT Implementation Specialist with MachNation. Prior to joining MachNation, Sam worked on implementation and execution of corporate strategy.

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Monica Ricci

Associate Researcher
Monica Ricci is an Associate Researcher at MachNation. She has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications and technology industries.

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Jason Deign

Contributing Analyst
Jason Deign is a Contributing Analyst with MachNation. Based in Barcelona, Spain, has been tracking technology trends since the 1990s.

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