IoT Architecture Design

MachNation works together with an enterprise’s engineering and product teams to co-create and support deployment of optimal IoT solution architectures, defining and addressing all use case-specific requirements.

50% of enterprise IoT deployments fail due to nonexistent, incomplete, or inaccurate IoT solution architectures. MachNation’s architects have the skills and experience to co-create and support deployment of custom IoT solution architectures for enterprise clients by leveraging MachNation’s hands-on IoT test/benchmarking lab called MIT-E and its industry-leading IoT platform functional architecture,

MachNation’s architects work cooperatively with enterprise engineering, product, development, and architecture teams to define relevant requirements for use case-specific IoT solution architectures. These architects start with MachNation’s IoT platform functional architecture template to ensure clear definitions for all microservices, then incorporate additional first-hand knowledge of relevant sector KPIs.

MachNation architects support enterprise clients’ developer teams as they implement the designed IoT solution architectures by providing ongoing technical support, IoT platform deployment best-practices, and development troubleshooting to minimize roadblocks.

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