IoT Performance Testing Software: Introducing Tempest

MIT-E Pf is the world’s first software to test and validate the performance and scalability of IoT platforms and solutions for enterprises, service providers, and IoT platform vendors.

MIT-E Pf is the world’s first IoT performance testing software built exclusively for performance and scalability testing of IoT platforms and solutions. Built by MachNation developers, MIT-E Pf verifies platform performance up to 10 million IoT devices and 1 million IoT messages per second. MachNation’s testers conduct a comprehensive series of 20 tests for data ingestion, device management, event processing, and a full-stack solution with up to 67 metrics per load tested. 

MIT-E Pf is

  • Purpose-built for IoT. Our software simulates real-world IoT message flows –  every message is uniquely ID’d and tracked.
  • Scalable, cloud-native, and API-driven. MIT-E Pf matches customers’ needs while systematically orchestrating worker spin-up and spin-down.
  • Template-driven tests. Customers can use MachNation’s pre-designed, best-in-class test templates or easily design custom tests in MIT-E Pf.
  • Built on open data and rich analytics. MIT-E Pf delivers rich analytics reports and easily exports performance data into big data BI tools.
  • Operated and managed by IoT experts at MachNation. MIT-E Pf  is supported by developers and testers at MachNation who use platforms daily.


Industrial enterprises, systems integrators, communication services providers, and IoT platform vendors rely on MIT-E Pf to validate their internal QA activities, set acceptable SLAs for platform performance, increase sales with independently validated performance data, and drive enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Contact us to learn more about MIT-E Pf, the IoT performance testing software that lets you see where your solution can go.