IoT Performance Testing Software: Introducing Tempest

MIT-E Pf is the world’s first software to test and validate the performance and scalability of IoT platforms and solutions for enterprises, service providers, and IoT platform vendors.

MIT-E Pf is the world’s first IoT performance testing software built exclusively for performance and scalability testing of IoT platforms and solutions. Built by MachNation developers, MIT-E Pf verifies platform performance up to 10 million IoT devices and 1 million IoT messages per second. MachNation’s testers conduct a comprehensive series of 20 tests for data ingestion, device management, event processing, and a full-stack solution with up to 67 metrics per load tested. 

MIT-E Pf is

  • Purpose-built for IoT. Our software simulates real-world IoT message flows –  every message is uniquely ID’d and tracked.
  • Scalable, cloud-native, and API-driven. MIT-E Pf matches customers’ needs while systematically orchestrating worker spin-up and spin-down.
  • Template-driven tests. Customers can use MachNation’s pre-designed, best-in-class test templates or easily design custom tests in MIT-E Pf.
  • Built on open data and rich analytics. MIT-E Pf delivers rich analytics reports and easily exports performance data into big data BI tools.
  • Operated and managed by IoT experts at MachNation. MIT-E Pf  is supported by developers and testers at MachNation who use platforms daily.


Industrial enterprises, systems integrators, communication services providers, and IoT platform vendors rely on MIT-E Pf to validate their internal QA activities, set acceptable SLAs for platform performance, increase sales with independently validated performance data, and drive enhanced customer satisfaction. 

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Product Overview Sheet

Performance testing an IoT platform assesses production-scale technical durability, scalability, and resilience. Enterprises want to save time and money and increase customer satisfaction by independently testing their specific IoT solutions for at-scale performance and making the right deployment choices before launching an IoT solution at scale.

Download our MIT-E Pf product overview sheet:

MachNation continues to add new functionality, testing templates, and metrics to MIT-E Pf. With 4 performance categories, 20 performance tests, and 67 metrics per load schedule, MIT-E Pf sets the industry standard for IoT-first performance testing software.

Download the MIT-E Pf product overview sheet to learn more.

5 easy steps-to-success with MIT-E Pf

Performance testing with MIT-E Pf is as easy as 5 steps. MIT-E Pf, the industry’s first IoT-centric software for performance and scalability testing, makes it easy and affordable to get solution-specific, data-rich, massively scalable IoT load testing results in days, not months.

MachNation is delighted to offer our customers a very simple approach to IoT performance testing in 5 easy steps including:

  1. Decide on your testing environment.
  2. Pick a communications protocol.
  3. Match provisioning processes.
  4. Pick a load schedule and workflows.
  5. Specify reporting and big data output requirements.

Want to learn more about how MachNation has made IoT performance testing easy?

Download this one-page guide on the IoT performance testing implementation process:

Top 5 IoT performance tests

Curious about the top 5 IoT performance tests conducted by MachNation’s MIT-E Pf customers? A lot of people were. So we created a deck of slides and presented them on a webinar with Software Test Professionals.

Free webinar download with corporate email address:

You can download that deck of slides discussing the top 5 IoT performance tests. And if you have other tests you’d like to discuss, please let us know!

MIT-E Pf Architecture: Podcast

Listen to the podcast.

MachNation has designed MIT-E Pf using some of the newest, enterprise-grade technologies available for software design and support. Learn more from Samuel Hale, MachNation’s lead designer of MIT-E Pf on this short podcast entitled, 3 architectural components of MIT-E Pf.

Ensuring MIT-E Pf Quality: Podcast

Listen to the podcast.

MachNation takes software development very seriously. And as part of that commitment, we use some of the most advanced and automated techniques available to ensure the quality of MIT-E Pf. Learn from Chris Campell, MachNation software engineer, about the importance of having a modern CI/CD pipeline for MIT-E Pf.

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MIT-E Pf is software designed and built by MachNation for enterprises, systems integrators, service providers, and vendors that want to increase IoT solution and platform reliability and quality. Contact us to learn more about MIT-E Pf.