IoT Platform Benchmarking

MachNation benchmarks IoT platforms for enterprises, SIs, CSPs, and vendors. Have test results conducted under a strict NDA or have MachNation publish them.

With over 400 IoT platforms in the market, the only way to know an IoT platform is to use it. And MachNation’s MIT-E is the only IoT platform benchmarking lab that has the experience, independence, and tooling to provide hands-on capability and usability testing.

MachNation’s IoT platform testers conduct a set of 110 hands-on tests on IoT platform microservices including access control, analytics, architecture, data management, device management, edge, event processing, external integration, monitoring, and usability. These operator and developer tests benchmark the features of IoT platforms and generate almost 500 comparable metrics per platform.

Industrial enterprises, systems integrators, communication services providers, and vendors rely on IoT platform benchmarking to support their M&A activities, competitive intelligence gathering, product roadmap development, and independent benchmarking exercises.

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