MIT-E – Edge

MIT-E Edge focuses on edge-related hands-on IoT platform tests. Check out MIT-E Complete for our bundle that includes MIT-E Core, MIT-E Edge, and MIT-E Analytics.

MIT-E Edge

MIT-E Edge is a speciality report and accompanying Excel file to help enterprises compare edge-related IoT platform capabilities and usability.

MIT-E Edge includes the following vendors:

  • Alibaba
  • Amazon
  • Losant
  • Microsoft
  • PTC
  • Software AG

MIT-E developers perform 29 hands-on tasks on IoT edge platforms in the following areas:

  • Edge analytics
  • Edge architecture
  • Edge data management
  • Edge deployment
  • Edge event processing
  • Edge management
  • On-edge monitoring
  • On-platform monitoring

MIT-E developers score these 29 tasks based on the completeness of tasks, sophistication level, ease-of-completion, and time-to-complete each task. Then, MachNation developers compile all the data and make MIT-E Edge available to enterprises to provide benchmarks about IoT platform edge capabilities and usability. MIT-E Edge provides enterprises an apples-to-apples comparison of edge-related IoT platform capabilities across relevant hands-on task metrics.

Report Sample

We offer a free sample of the MIT-E Edge report covering just one vendor, Amazon (AWS IoT). Enter your email to download the PDF.

Table of Contents of MIT-E Edge sample report:

  • About MIT-E
  • Methodology
  • AWS IoT Summary
    • Edge – Test Results
  • IoT Functional Architecture
  • Terminology and Definitions

What is MIT-E?

MIT-E is an IoT platform test and benchmarking lab run by MachNation, the world’s leading research firm for IoT platforms and middleware. In MIT-E, MachNation:

  • performs a set of common hands-on tasks – operator and developer workflows
  • scores these tasks based on the time-to-complete each task, ease-of-completion, completeness of task, and sophistication metrics
  • compiles task scores in a MIT-E report

The results from MIT-E help enterprises compare IoT platform capabilities and usability. MachNation makes the results from MIT-E available to enterprises to help guide IoT platform purchase decisions. The results provide enterprises an apples-to-apples comparison of IoT platforms across relevant hands-on task metrics.

Using MIT-E, MachNation also provides a set of services to enterprises including:

Please contact MachNation for more information.

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