Strategy Sessions

A strategy session is an in-depth, in-person, half-day meeting where a client and MachNation analyst discuss a technology issue, go-to-market plan, product roadmap, marketing approach, or strategic program particular to the client.

Strategy sessions are used by MachNation clients to explore in detail a particular aspect of their business that has deep strategic implications. Typical strategy sessions cover topics such as future product launches, market message testing, new go-to-market strategy plans, M&A plans, and product roadmap reviews.

Both client and MachNation analyst prepare for an in-person strategy session by setting clear objectives, determining respective roles for the session, determining a concise session agenda, and itemizing goals. Planning for a strategy session should begin no less than 3 weeks prior to the session and might include pre-briefing calls, discovery calls, or sharing of content documents under non-disclosure terms.

MachNation analysts are deep specialists in their research areas, so clients rely on MachNation analysts to provide exceptionally fine-tuned insights during a strategy session.

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