Research and Research Programs

Finding independent specialists with deep knowledge of IoT platforms and device management is difficult. Our customers demand top-quality solutions, so we value the excellent technology and business insights we receive from MachNation.

Geoff Martin

Group Manager IoT Product Platforms, Sprint

As we start the product development process, it is important to make the best IoT platform choice possible as this decision could be with us for a long time.

Mike Hall

President, Checkfluid

MachNation has in-depth knowledge of the IoT with deep insight in specific topics. Tele2 IoT's engagement with MachNation has spanned over many areas including Board-level advice, marketing, and research. All with good results.

Rami Avidan

CEO, Tele2 IoT

The IoT platform you select can dictate many other decisions, you can never start too early in evaluating options to find the right fit for your product or business. Keeping on top of IoT technology changes and innovations is critical for any business in this evolving space.

Christopher Calisi

CEO, Cambridge Sound Management

IoT Research Programs

MachNation offers the highest quality research about IoT platforms and middleware – including our highly demanded ScoreCards for IoT application enablement platforms, device management, and edge. Clients subscribe to these programs on an annual basis, receiving user IDs and passwords to access this exceptional content. Clients also receive analyst inquiry services with each program.

Strategy Sessions

During a strategy session, MachNation analysts facilitate a half-day, intensive working session with a client on an IoT topic chosen by the client with objectives set several weeks prior to the session. MachNation analysts craft a presentation ahead of time to ensure a session that is highly tailored to the client’s requirements.

Marketing Support

MachNation creates for our clients the industry’s most compelling thought-leadership around IoT platforms and IoT middleware. 70% of MachNation’s clients engage with us for custom-developed marketing support including custom whitepapers, case studies, blogs, analyst insight articles, speaking engagements, and webinars. MachNation can create content under the MachNation brand or white labeled for our clients.

TCO Calculator

MachNation’s IoT platform total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator is a unique, easy-to-use web app that helps an enterprise estimate the 5-year cost of building its own IoT platform versus buying services from an IoT platform vendor. MachNation clients can sponsor the MachNation-branded TCO calculator for their own sales, marketing, and lead generation activities.

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