Wind River – IoT Device Management Vendor Profile

August 17, 2017

Wind River, an Alameda-based Intel subsidiary, specializes in IoT software — specifically, in software solutions for the aerospace, industrial, automotive, medical, and telecommunications markets. Wind River was founded in 1981, made a name for itself in the embedded and mobile software market and was acquired by Intel in mid-2009 as part of the latter company’s effort to expand its software and processor business beyond its traditional markets (PCs and servers) into embedded systems and mobile devices. Wind River has become a leading innovator in the Internet of Things (IoT) market with Wind River Helix, its comprehensive IoT-enabling portfolio featuring solutions that simplify clients’ tasks of building an IoT infrastructure. This vendor profile discusses Wind River's IoT platform offering. MachNation has included Wind River in its 2017 IoT Device Management ScoreCard.